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Plumbing systems for bathrooms

As one of the major plumbing services in Phoenix, we’re acutely aware of the importance of a fully functional bathroom plumbing solution. But maintaining the plumbing requires dedication and know-how. That’s where we come in. We can assist you in all bathroom plumbing issues, no matter if you’re considering a full renovation or just want to take care of clogging. At The Plumber Inc., we strive to live up to the expectations of everyone in and around Phoenix.

As a fully licensed and experienced plumbing company in Phoenix, we can offer all of our customers decades of collective experience. Our track record speaks for itself.

Professional plumbers

At The Plumber Inc. we’re proud of our employees. They are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction while never compromising with the end result. This means we can deal with everything from new installations to repairs and maintenance. We’re also happy to assist you in planning and organizing your perfect bathroom. Our service includes:

  • Drain maintenance and repair.
  • Heating services.
  • Fixture renovation and installation.
  • Taking care of clogs and buildups. 

We’re always available to help you. By being proactive, you can often avoid future costly problems. That’s why we suggest contacting us for regular maintenance and repair in Phoenix. For urgent matters, we’re available all hours every day of the week. 

Toilet Plumbing

Faucet repair and maintenance

At The Plumber Inc. we understand faucets. We can fix, repair and replace all brands, models and type. Including older ones. Leave everything to us. We have the knowledge, resources and parts needed. With a wide selection of modern faucets, we can also offer to replace your existing one with a model that’s either more convenient or more efficient.

Toilet installations and repair

If you’re experience an urgent toilet leak in Phoenix, we’re here for you. We’re always available to quickly solve your problem. Our technicians are also available for both new installations and maintenance. With proper equipment and solid experience, we’ll ensure that gasket, seals and rings are up to par. 

Toilet clogs

We’ve all had a toilet clog up. There’s probably no one in Phoenix who has been spared. There are myriads of reasons ranging from pipe build up to non-flushable items being in the way. Even though it’s one of the most common toilet related problems, it can still lead to major problems. In fact, if not dealt with it can even lead to costly pipe deterioration. We can make sure that your toilet becomes unclogged, and that future clogging is avoided as much as possible. We’re always available to ensure that you get the best possible assistance. If you want to replace your existing toilet, we’ll happily assist you with installing a new one.

When contacting The Plumber Inc., you’ll always get the best possible service to ensure that your toilet keeps on working as expected. We’ll also happily review your current installation to see if there is room for improvements.

Shower and bathroom plumbing

Our knowledgeable personnel are experienced in dealing with most shower and bathroom solutions. For emergency problems that simply can’t wait, we’re available 24/7. At The Plumber Inc., we’re committed to offering the best possible solutions. That’s why you can rest assured knowing that we’ll solve any shower related problem that you might be experiencing.

We’re also available if you want to renovate or install a new shower. Everyone working at The Plumber Inc. has the know-how required to deal with all plumbing related issues. No project is too big, and no piping solution is too old. We have the tools, the knowledge and the dedicated required to make your plumbing as new again. 

Why choose us?

As one of the top choices amongst both companies and residents in and around Phoenix, we’re proud to be able to live up to our customers’ expectations. We’ll also strive to ensure that everyone who contacts us feels that their interests are our prime focus.

You can always feel safe knowing that all of our personnel and technicians are experienced and fully licensed. That means that they can take care of both urgent problems and long, complicated projects.

The Plumber Inc. Express Plumbing Service

At The Plumber Inc., we’ve realized that the key to success is maintaining high standards and satisfied customers, even when time is a critical factor. That’s why we can offer same day installations and repairs while ensuring proper results. Contact us for your best offer in and around Phoenix.

Call 602-497-1480 for quick diagnoses and speedy service. 
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