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Although plumbing issues are common, finding a reputable professional company for maintenance or repair is essential. Hiring novices or unskilled people can make your plumbing issues worse, thus end up spending more money. If you have a plumbing issue in Peoria, AZ, consider hiring a reputable company. Getting plumbing services from a leading company offers numerous benefits, unlike hiring a handyman or doing it yourself. Leaking faucets or taps can cause severe damage in your home if not fixed fast and well. Therefore, consider getting the work done by relying on a leading plumbing company. Also, since emergency plumbing issues occur, make sure you have a plumbing company that offers emergency services 24/7.

The Plumber Inc. provides the following services:

1. Drain cleaning

Keeping the drains of your kitchen and bathroom working is very crucial. However, if you encounter draining issues, The Plumber Inc. got you covered. Our plumbing experts have been offering plumbing services for many years. Therefore, we can handle numerous plumbing issues and unclog any drains in your home. To ensure you will have peace of mind, we provide plumbing services to Peoria residents 24/7.

2. Tap leaking

Tap leaking can increase your utility bills or cause mold growth, among other related problems. Plumber Inc. can help you stop your tap from leaking/wasting water. We understand how irritating and disturbing tap leaks can be, and we are here to fix it for you.

3. Water heater replacement

A water heater has a vital role in your home, and it should be working properly. But, if your water heater has a problem, only a reputable plumber can repair it for you. If the water heater is beyond repair, installing a new one is the best option. The Plumber Inc. can handle all your water heater replacement needs at an affordable cost.

4. Shower, Toilet & Tub valve remake

If the valve of your shower, tub, or toilet has a problem, we can fix it. Our skilled staff has vast knowledge and skills in bathroom accessories. We can repair and maintain plumbing issues in your bathroom.

5. Repairing and replacing your garbage disposal

To fix your garbage disposal problem, The Plumber Inc. staff starts by determining whether the system is properly installed. A blocked garbage disposal can be a problem because it can cause diseases and infections, especially if not fixed right. Please do not take any chances because our highly experienced plumbers can repair or replace your broken garbage disposal.

6. Line repair and replacement

Broken or clogged sewer lines can pose a danger in your home and neighborhood. They not only lead to bad smells but also cause serious infections. When you hire The Plumber Inc., our plumbers will replace your sewer line with a new one. Our certified plumbers will also ensure that your sewer lines are working properly using state of the art equipment. Contact us today.

7. Gas water heaters

Besides repairing and maintaining your gas water heaters, The Plumber Inc. plumbers are experienced in installing high-quality water heaters. We work closely with manufacturers. Hence, we know the best brands that work for years without developing faulty issues. For all your gas water heater problems, The Plumber Inc. is there for you.

8. Hot water re-circulation pumps

We understand your need to have plenty of hot water in your bathroom and kitchen. If your hot water recirculation pump is not working correctly, we can fix it for you. When we repair your recirculation pump, you will enjoy the smooth flow of hot water. You will not have to wait for cold water to turn hot any longer.

9. Electric water heater

Our plumbers rely on the latest tools and techniques to ensure maximum safety; The Plumber Inc. techs can install a water heater in your house. Our staff is highly trained, experienced, and certified to provide plumbing services. We guarantee reliable services to our clients in Peoria, AZ.

10. Outdoor misting systems

To cool down the external environment, especially during summer, our team of experts can install an outdoor misting system capable of reducing temperatures up to 30°F.

You can rely on Plumber Inc. to solve all your plumbing issues in Peoria, AZ, at an affordable cost. We pride ourselves as the leading plumbing company in Peoria, AZ, because we possess a skilled, efficient, and experienced workforce that can solve all plumbing problems. Give us a call today to get the best plumbing services at an affordable cost.

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